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Wait! Stop! The Printers Proportionizer is here! Free Download!

Free Software! The Printer's Proportionizer is finally here!!! Get out of the stone ages with that silly sizing wheel, and download this amazing calculator. Saves many hours and eliminates errors!!! Every printer and designer needs this now! Save Time, Save Money!

The Printers Proportionizer makes your life easy, and your business profitable!

Download the Macintosh Version or the Windows Version. It's totally FREE for a limited time only.

NEW!!! It now calculates ANAMORPHIC scaling as well. Renowned software engineer Bryan Halstead dedicated thousands of development hours went into this innovation, and you can have it now for FREE!!!


Redefining the web as we know it, it's web 3.0 in progress!


You have to see this... it's absofuckinglutely amazing!


Bryan Halstead is the smartest guy in the whole world..and he's hot too!!!


Bryan Halstead created this site, so it must be good.


Bryan Halstead didn't create this site, but he works here, so Sina Printing must be the best place to work in the whole wide world!!

Roxies Dawg House

This is tribute to Bryan Halstead's dead dog Roxie...hasn't been updated since 1996!


You have to see this... it's amazing!


Yet another amazing Bryan Halstead web site!


And another!


It's only just started and it's already amazing!

Nialls Adventure in Portugal!

Nialls Adventure in Portugal!



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